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Blood sugar chart
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With diabetic patients, heart rate is pretty important. The more excited a person, the higher the heart rate. With higher heart rate more sugar is needed as body’s requirement for energy increases. If a diabetic person wants to exercise it is important to note it’s heart rate zones. For that matter, heart rate zone calculator is most handy to use.

Here you can find different articles on general health, diabetes, blood pressure and heart failure. The diseases I have most experience with. I’ve been working as an activist for the past years, ever since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At this time, there’s no cure for this ugly disease, but I (and many others) are working on finding an efficient cure for it.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases, their common feature is chronically elevated blood sugar caused by defective insulin secretion or a malfunction or because of both. The result is impaired metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Chronic high blood sugar causes damage, disruption or failure of performance of various organs, especially the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and blood vessels. Diabetes is a chronic disease which means that it will be one that you have, follow the rest of their lives. Otherwise incurable, but it is very well treated.

Types of diabetes
Diabetes that occurs in children and young people up to an age of 30, has quite a quick rundown of origin. It is called type 1, it has about 10 percent of diabetic patients and it is usually treated with insulin. The remaining nearly 90 percent of diabetic patients have type 2 diabetes, which can be treated with diet alone, but can with diet and tablets or insulin. Some small is even cases of diabetes in pregnancy, and other types of diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes
The emergence of type 2 diabetes is largely dependent on the risk factors to which the individual lives. These are hereditarily predisposed, to excessive and inadequate nutrition, obesity, lack of exercise and mentally stressful life. Produced disguised, with nothing particularly noticeable signs. The man is tired, sometimes serious and has a dry and itchy skin. After the diagnosis, treatment, its effectiveness and the quality of human life with diabetes depends very much on his own. Face must be the fact that diabetes is that it can use it for only a very good.
The therapeutic measure in the treatment of diabetes
Diabetic patients carry out the treatment themselves, their doctor is just a consultant. The therapeutic measure in the treatment of diabetes are:
1. Food, adapted condition.
2. Physical activity and habits of diabetic patients.
The importance of proper nutrition in patients with diabetes
Proper nutrition provides energy and all the necessary nutrients in the right measure, and reduces the possibility of complications of diabetes, but to prevent and treat obesity. The objective of treating obesity is not just weight loss, but reduced body weight also keep what is needed to improve the health status. Also, physical activity, tailored to each individual plays an important role in the fight against diabetes. It is important that patients are moving because the movement delay the onset or development of many complications of diabetes. Human health is strongly dependent also on his emotional life. Without joy man often ill. Avoid the stress which may affect the development of diabetes and the negative emotions that affect the increase in blood sugar.
Medicinal plants and diabetes
An important role in the treatment of diabetes also have medicinal plants. Many more options are open to patients with type 2 diabetes, which with the use of appropriate medicinal plants in addition to diet and moderate exercise can treat their diabetes, as long as they do not need drugs.

Medicinal plants are divided into two groups:
the first group of medicinal plants are plants that lower blood glucose in the blood.

These include:

  • onions,
  • plain Burdock,
  • goat’s rue,
  • a true ginseng,
  • beans,
  • fenugreek,
  • nettle,
  • common blueberry, …

while the second group are medicinal plants, which are intended for the relief of and treatment of the effects of diabetes. This does not reduce blood glucose levels directly, but have a beneficial effect on the human body as an integrated system and improve patient quality of life. These are bitter in normal rmanu, right mugwort, centaury, …; diuretic herbs that protect the cardiovascular system, for example. green, large yarrow, common juniper, black elderberry, … are important stimulators of immune system: echinacea, white mistletoe … and milk thistle and ginger, which retain the function of the liver.
Can I replace the medicinal plants in treating diabetes?
Of course, these products can not be a substitute for therapy with drugs, but they can be useful tools. It is also a regular blood sugar testing and the proper response to extreme values. In the treatment of diabetes is very important that the patient is actively involved in it, because the effects of diabetes can be very serious. However, diabetes can be treated, the benefits of treatment outweigh its weaknesses.

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